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Hacktoberfest PowerShell @FrPSUG

2018/10/01 | 1 minute read

Dans le cadre du Hacktoberfest qui ce tient pendant le mois d’Octobre, nous organisons un mini-meetup pour démontrer les différentes façons de contribuer a d...

Microsoft MVP 2018-2019

2018/07/01 | less than 1 minute read

It is a great pleasure and honor to receive the Microsoft MVP award for another year

MeetupPS PowerShell module

2018/04/30 | 3 minute read

I recently released a PowerShell module called MeetupPS to interact with the Meetup API. This allows you to gather information about groups and create events

SpaceX PowerShell module

2018/02/05 | 6 minute read

With the very exciting upcoming launch of the Falcon Heavy 🚀 this week, I worked on a SpaceX PowerShell module that interacts with the SpaceX-API to retrieve...

CoinMarketCap PowerShell module

2017/11/26 | 5 minute read

I recently developed an interest for cryptocurrencies. I created a PowerShell module to interact with CoinMarketCap, a website where you can explore coins in...

PowerShell Saturday Paris 2017/09/16

2017/08/27 | 1 minute read

Septembre 2016 represente le premier anniversaire du French PowerShell User group. Pour cette occasion nour organisons un evenement le Samedi 16 Septembre 20...

PowerShell Command Precedence

2017/06/30 | 1 minute read

If you have a function, a module’s function and a Cmdlet with the same exact name, which command will answer first ? This is the role of Command Precedence i...