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Here is a recording to demo how you can install, configure and use the MVP PowerShell module to add your contributions into the MVP Website.

# Install the module
Install-Module -Name MVP -Scope CurrentUser -Verbose

# Configure your connection
Set-MVPConfiguration -SubscriptionKey 2ed3d4ddf0e948a28caeebba64620d20

# List the commands available
Get-Command -Module MVP

# Retrieve my profile

# Add a new MVP Entry
New-MVPContribution `
    -StartDate '2019/03/26' `
    -Title 'Test From MVP Module' `
    -Description '' `
    -ReferenceUrl 'https://lazywinadmin.com' `
    -AnnualQuantity 1 `
    -AnnualReach 1 `
    -ContributionType Article `
    -ContributionTechnology PowerShell `
    -Visibility Microsoft `

# Add multiple entries
Import-CSV C:\demo\testcontributions.csv | New-MVPContribution -Verbose

You’ll find more information about this module here:

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