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Easy Wiki Install

2010/03/03 | less than 1 minute read

[Bitnami]( Free, easy to setup wikis, blogs, forums and many other web applications that you can runlocally or in the cloud. BitNami make...

Simple RAID Cheat Sheet

2010/02/23 | less than 1 minute read

LevelRedundancyDisk RequiredFaster ReadsFaster WritesRAID 0NoNYesYesRAID 1Yes2YesNoRAID 5YesN+1YesNoRAID 10YesN*2YesYesJBODNoN/ANoNo

How to Document Servers with SYDI

2010/01/05 | 13 minute read

Having written SYDI from scratch, I know it inside and out. The readme file included in SYDI is far from perfect. While people in this line of business can u...