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PowerShell - Get-DomainComputer (ADSI)

2013/10/30 | 8 minute read

The following function use ADSI to query Computer objects from the Active Directory. Optionally an alternate credentials and/or a different domain can be sp...

PowerShell 4.0 is now available

2013/10/26 | 3 minute read

PowerShell 4.0 has been released by Microsoft andis now available to download and install with the Windows Management Framework 4.0 (WMF 4.0).

PowerShell - Renaming a bunch of folders

2013/10/23 | 2 minute read

In my previous post I talked about Organizing my script directory, naming convention, preferences and bottlenecks… Today let’s reorganize some of those scri...

PowerShell - Organizing my Scripts

2013/10/22 | 2 minute read

With time, the number of PowerShell scripts I write keeps growing and growing, and I feel it is getting more and more difficult to find what I have done in t...

PowerShell - Get-DomainUser

2013/10/16 | 5 minute read

Today one of my IT coworkers, in another department, sent a couple of emails to the Ops to get the username (SamAccount) from a couple of Active Directory us...