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A few weeks ago, Sapien announced on their blog the introduction of the SAPIEN Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. This program goal is to recognize and show their appreciation for community members who promote their products and contribute to their improvement and success.

And last week I received some unexpected great news from June Blender (SAPIEN Technologies Inc)!!

Congratulations! As a token of our appreciation for your help in the SAPIEN community, we have awarded you a SAPIEN MVP award for 2015.

If you follow my blog, you probably noticed that I’ve been playing with Sapien tools for a while now, mostly with the PrimalForms/PowerShell Studio products but also with the recent WMI Explorer. Some of my contributions include the creations of Youtube videos on how to create basic GUIs and I also got the chance to participate to the PowerShell Studio 2014 Beta program.

Thanks SAPIEN! It’s great pleasure and honor to receive the SAPIEN MVP Award :-) Sapien MVP Page - Francois-Xavier Cat

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