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Monday evening, the PowerShell Summit 2014 NA organized an Iron Scripter competition. The goal was to fix/create 3 scripts and to get them rated by 3 juges. We had 45 minutes to complete everything, including time for the juges to score the scripts.

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Iron Scripter

Score system You will be awarded 1-5 points in each of four categories: Presentation (formating), Creativity, Use of Theme Ingredient, and Tast (functionality)

Theme Ingredient : CIM

Iron Scripter trophy (created by Rob Campbell)

Appetizer Course

Create the shortest on-liner possible that produces the following output as exactly as possible. No Semicolons permitted. Property values may differ on your computer. Alias and all other syntactically legal shortuts are allowed

Dessert Course

Debug and fix this function so that it runs properly.
Save room for you main course, on the other side of this page. # Main Course
Create a function that enables you to exactly reproduce this shell transcript. (It's OK if property values aren't the same on your computer)

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