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The PowerShell Summit 2014 North America kicked off this morning ! What a day! The organizers really did an Awesome Work!! Great Summit so far! This event is a great opportunity to meet old friends, make some new ones and put faces on names.

I also took this opportunity to bring a couple of PowerShell books, and get them signed by authors (a lot of them are at the summit).

For me it was kind of a long day, I am still jet lagged and couldn’t sleep anymore when I woke up at 5am. After a 30 min run and a small breakfast I was on my way to the Summit.

Noteabout recorded sessions: I saw some people were recording some of the sessions using microphones and camera….so hopefully they will upload those online some time soon. However, cool thing to know… Don Jones started a crowd funding this morning with a first goal of 3000$USD and he already reached it!! Currently there is 3300$USD raised! only 10hours! This money will be used to buy a device that sit between the screen/projector and the computer (basically capture the display output from the computer).

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Meydenbauer Center: This is where everything is happening
Meydenbauer Center is right next to some Microsoft Buildings, don't actually know if the PowerShell team is working there.
Monday 8am - Welcomewith Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover
Monday 9am: Jeffrey Snover on "PowerShell Just in Time/Just Enough Admin - Security in a Post-Snowden World"
The room 404 was really packed for Jeffrey Snover session
Jeffrey Snover on "PowerShell Just in Time/Just Enough Admin - Security in a Post-Snowden World". Showing the concept of JEA, How and Why you should limit the amount of rights to the Domain Admins.
Monday 10am - Steve Murawski on "The life and Times of a DSC Resource"
Steve Murawski on "The life and Times of a DSC Resource"
Monday 11am - Steven Murawski on "DSC - Building Scalable Configurations"
Monday 12am - Lunch Time! Great food!
Monday 1pm - Lee Holmes andJoseph Bialek on "PowerShell for Security Incident Response" Really great session, It is a bit scary to see how easy Joseph was able to take control of Lee's Admin session.
The creator of PowerShell: Jeffrey Snover sitting right next to me, this is the kind of thing only happening at the #PshSummit
Useful resources for PowerShell+ Security
Monday 2pm - Jason Walker on "Leverage Multi-thread for speeding up your scripts" Great Content, I should definitely used those techniques in my scripts!
Jason Walker
Monday 3pm - Matt Graeber on "Advanced PowerShell Eventing Scripting Techniques" Really interesting stuff, this could be useful in many cases.
Monday 4pm - Matt Graeber on "Using PowerShell as a Reverse Engineering Tool" Okay for this session.... by head blowed up... really deep stuff.
Iron Scripter Trophy!! Awesome work from Rob Campbell
Winner of the Iron Scripter competition:Kendall Maddox
Winner of the Iron Scripter competition:Kendall Maddox with Rob Campbell who created the Trophy

Finally here are some of the books I got signed

PowerShell Cookbook - Lee Holmes
Windows PowerShell Best Pratices - Ed Wilson

That’s it!! See you tomorrow :-)

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