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Microsoft just updated the page “What’s New in PowerShell” to include information about Windows PowerShell 4.0. They also added a page about Desired State Configuration.

You can try PowerShell 4.0 by either downloading the Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview which has been release just a few hours ago, or by doing the Desired State Configuration Lab from Channel9.

I highly encourage you to check-out this documentation. From my point of view, the following features are very interesting:

  • The default Execution Policy on Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview is RemoteSigned

  • A new common parameter, PipelineVariable that lets you save the results of a piped command (or part of a piped command) as a variable that can be passed through the remainder of the pipeline.

  • #Requires statements now let users require Administrator access rights, if needed.

  • The Import-Csv cmdlet now ignores blank lines.

  • A UserName property has been added to Get-Process output objects.

  • Check-out the Complete list…

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