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Update 2013/07/07: It seems that the Certification is now ONLY available after doing the in-person class offered by Concentrated Technology :-(

Don Jones just announced the creation of the PowerShell “Certification”!!

This is available for anybody who want to test their PowerShell scripting knowledge. The PowerShell “certification” is under the VERIFIED EFFECTIVEâ„¢ brand.

The certification name:Windows PowerShell 3.0 Toolmaking.

More information:

To pass the certification you will need to pay the Examination cost (150$) and complete/return the Program License Agreementfile. Once those steps complete you will then receive your scenario.

On your scheduled examination date, you will receive via e-mail an examinationpacket. The packet will include your assignment. You will also be given a cutoff time,and you must complete your exam and return the results via e-mail no later thanthat cutoff time. Generally, you will be given from 8 to 24 hours to complete yourassignment.

Here are the Pre-Requisite Skills information from the Program Guide.

Pre-Requisite Skills
Before attempting this exam, candidates should possess strong, practical experience with the following: * Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Common Information Model (CIM) as implemented in Windows PowerShell 3.0 * Configuration and use of PowerShell Remoting, including the creation of custom endpoints (session configurations) having a variety of configuration specifications. * Creation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Windows PowerShell advanced scripts and functions, including debugging, error handling, parameter declaration, pipeline input, enumeration, branching logic, ShouldProcess support, common parameters, declarative parameter input validation, and other core programming skills. * Creation of script modules and manifest modules. * Creation of custom formatting views and type extensions. * Accessing SQL Server databases from Windows PowerShell, including querying and manipulating data. In a typical exam, candidates will be given a Windows PowerShell command-line transcript showing a variety of commands and their output. Candidates must be able to re-create those commands based upon the information shown in the transcript.

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