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It is a great pleasure and honor to receive for a third year the PowerShell MVP Cloud and DataCenter Management MVP Award!!!

Chère/Cher Francois-Xavier Cat,

Félicitations! Nous sommes heureux de vous remettre le titre MVP Microsoft® 2016! Ce titre est accordé aux leaders d’exception de la communauté technique qui partagent activement leur expertise pratique de grande qualité. Nous apprécions vos remarquables contributions dans les communautés techniques Cloud and Datacenter Management lors de cette année passée.

HUGE thanks to my family, friends and people who support me!!!!!

Some updates: In the recent months, I have been really busy on many projects at work involving, of course a great deal of automation and using the System Center Suite. Working in the game industry is really fun but you’ve got to keep up the high pace. I’ll start blogging soon and I already have a bunch of drafts. There are also a couple of nice scripts and Github projects that I’d like to get out there, and get them eventually published on the PowerShell gallery.

Another reason why I wasn’t super present, my girlfriend is currently studying abroad. She returns only during the winter holidays and summer breaks, so I was away from my computer. One has to know one’s priorities!! :-)

Last year, I had organised a few successful PowerShell User Group meetings and I’m looking forward to organizing some more in the coming weeks. The Meetup group is growing fast and it currently shows 126 members; I might need to find a bigger meeting room!!!

Stay tuned!

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