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We just started 2015 so I figured it was the time to look back at what I did in the past 12 months.

I have some of stats which may be of interest, but of course also on a more personal level 2014 was an Awesome year !!

Achievements and Projects

  • Became a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell !! What an achievement!! And had the chance to attend my first Summit in November where I got to meet tons of other MVPs.
  • Received the PowerShell Heroes 2014 recognition from PowerShell.org with 4 other people
  • Joined Warner Brother Games studio in Montreal as a Senior System Administrator. My role is mostly focused on Automation and Microsoft Products
  • Created the PowerShell Module NetBackupPS, which basically parse the output of the Symantec NetBackup cmd line tools. Unfortunately I don’t have access to this solution so I can’t really continue the development but the code in on GitHub and anybody is welcome to contribute.
  • Created the PowerShell Module WinFormPS, which allows you to interact with some Winform controls.
  • Created the PowerShell Module AdsiPS, which allows you to interact with Active Directory. Microsoft AD Module and Quest AD Snapin are really awesome but I wanted to develop my knowledge with Active Directory and play around with .NET Framework/LDAP Queries.
  • Presented my first presentation on “How to get started with PowerShell” at my work office

Stats for my blog lazywinadmin.com (in 2014)


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