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Wow ! What a year so far… I’m one of the five persons who received the first-ever PowerShell Heroes recognition on PowerShell.org.

“The idea was to offer a kudos to folks who have been working hard in the PowerShell community, but who haven’t received other formal recognition (like Microsoft’s MVP Award).”

First, I was really surprised to receive this recognition ! I recently got my first MVP award on the 1st of January 2014 and I immediately contacted+Don Jonesto let him know there was a conflict. However he said this was related to my work done in the past year(s) and they decided to recognize me anyway.

Second, I want to say THANK YOU for those who recommended me. I am very humbled and honored that my contributions to this community are helpful to some people out there ! So again THANK YOU!!! MERCI!!!

Here is the list of PowerShell Heroes 2014 from the PowerShell.org Announce

The 2014 PowerShell Heroes

    * Teresa Wilson, the "Scripting Wife." Teresa Wilson puts an incredible amount of organizational effort into the community, including acting as Treasurer or PowerShell.org, organizing the PowerScripting Podcast schedule, volunteering at the PowerShell Summit, and more. She's participated in The Scripting Games and blogged about her learning process. She helps local user groups form up and keep in touch, and helps run at least two by keeping their schedules published. @ScriptingWife on Twitter.
    * Dave Wyatt has become a major contributor to the forums here on PowerShell.org, typically beating our own Board "to the punch" when it comes to quickly answering questions. He's taken on curation of Secrets of PowerShell Remoting, expanding that free book's content and keeping it updated in a timely fashion. He's working on a free ebook on PowerShell error handling, too, and has posted numerous lengthy and detailed blog posts about some of PowerShell's trickiest areas. Blog posts on PowerShell.org
    * Mark Schill created and runs the Atlanta PowerShell user group, and runs PowerShellGroup.org, a site where user groups and their members can keep track of meeting schedules, group contact information, and more. He's organized several PowerShell Saturday events, and co-authored Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible. He's been a guest columnist for the Hey Scripting Guy! column on TechNet, and has helped as a judge with The Scripting Games. @PowerSchill on Twitter.
    * Francois-Xavier Cat has released multiple community guides and tools related to PowerShell, including LazyWinAdmin and AD Group Change Monitor. He's also released several how-to's on PowerShell GUI authoring which have proven invaluable to the community. @LazyWinAdmin on Twitter. Note that Francois-Xavier was concurrently awarded his first MVP on January 1st, 2014; because the PowerShell Hero decision had already been made we're continuing to recognize him for his work in 2013 and before.
    * Martin Pugh posts extensively about PowerShell in the Spiceworks forums, providing hundreds of the best answers and most helpful posts (as designated by the question asker). He contributes to the Spiceworks PowerShell script library, and many of his scripts and forum responses are repurposed into educational blog posts. @Martin9700 on Twitter. Blog at thesurlyadmin.com

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