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Video: Jeffery Hicks – Turn Command-Line Tools into PowerShell Tools: Here’s recording of @jeffhicks – PowerShell MVP, book author and trainer – Jeffery Hicks – talking at the previous PowerShell Deep Dive about how you can turn existing command-line utilities into PowerShell functions so they can become first-class (object emitting ;) ) PowerShell citizens. You can find Jeff’s slides and demo scripts here. The abstract and video recording are below:

PowerShell is everywhere but there are still many command line tools in the IT Pro’s toolbox, In this session we’ll look at how to turn just about any command line based tool into a PowerShell tool so that you can incorporate it into your PowerShell scripts and daily management tasks. The power of objects in the pipeline is amazing and there’s no reason not to include tools like NETSTAT.EXE or NBTSTAT.EXE.

1. The Challenge of CLI Tools

2. Console Text to PowerShell Objects Techniques

3. Putting It All Together

This is a live recording from European TEC 2011 PowerShell Deep Dive conference.Seemore PowerShell Deep Dive recordings here.

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