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LazyWinAdmin was created using ONLY Powershell scripting language I used SAPIEN PrimalForms to create the GUI.

This tool requires Powershell 2.0 and permissions on local or remote computers to be able to manage those.
LazyWinAdmin 0.3.20120220 Download -FIX some problem with Uptime Button -FIX Modified The Service Query/start/stop -ADD Restart Service Button -ADD TextBox with AutoCompletion on some Services i added -ERROR AutoCompletion in the TEXTBOX of Services seems to make the thing crash :-( -REMOVE AutoCompletion in Service Tab, in ServiceName TextBox -ADD Get Local Hosts File (Menu: LocalHost/Hosts File) -ADD Get Remote Hosts File (in General Tab,need permission on remote c$) -REMOVE Computers.txt auto-completion, seems buggy :-( -FIX ENTER-PSSESSION button -REPLACED some function by button with icons below ComputerName textbox -MOVED the TEST-PSSESSION button to TOOL tab -ADD the TEST-PSSESSION inside the ENTER-PSSESSION button. (2 in 1 :) -MODIFY Inventory button and output (add more info) -MODIFY IpConfig to use the one from BSonPosh module -ADD button IPCONFIG, DISK USAGE -ADD START COMMANDS in General Tab -ADD SYDI option (dropdown) to choose DOC or XML format. -ADD Combobox in TOOLS Tab, and ADD the present tools in combobox -REMOVE Buttons in TOOLS tab (the ones placed in Combobox) -FIX the ContextMenuStrip on TextBox SERVERNAME. -ADD option of type for SYDI (DOC or XML) -FIX the names of all the variables (for Winforms controls only) -ADD Qwinsta and Rwinsta to contextmenu of computername textbox -FIX SYDI (DOC and XML now work) auto-save on Desktop of Current User and Open the folder -FIX "Installed Applications" show the full names of each application,vendors and versions. -ADD Connectivity Testing Button (Remote registry, ping, RPC, RDP, WsMan) -ADD more info to ipconfig button

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