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SYDI is a VBscript tool that I used to gather all the information about servers and computers locally and remotely.

Here are some of the commands i use very often:

SYDI WORD (Need MS Word on the machine)

cscript sydi-server.vbs –t<NOM_DU_SERVER>


cscript sydi-server.vbs –t<NOM_DU_SERVER> -o<NOM_DU_SERVER>.xml -ex

XML TO DOC (Need MS Word on the machine)

cscript.exe ss-xml2word.vbs -x<NOM_DU_SERVER>.xml -llang_english.xml

XLS – OVERVIEW (with XML Files)

cscript.exe sydi-overview.vbs -x<PATH>

XML TO HTML (Need MS Excel on the machine)

cscript.exe sydi-transform.vbs -x<SERVERNAME>.xml -sServerhtml.xsl -o<SERVERNAME>.html

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