Video - Dmitry Sotnikov – PowerShell Jobs in v2 and v3

2012/04/02 | less than 1 minute read |

Video: Dmitry Sotnikov – PowerShell Jobs in v2 and v3: Another day – another recording from PowerShell Deep Dive. For a change, this one is from a session delivered by yours truly. :) And it is on PowerShell jobs (also known as background jobs) and the functionality that they had in PowerShell 2.0 and are getting in PowerShell 3.0. PowerShell jobs allow you to run your commands and scripts in the background without blocking your PowerShell. You can run multiple jobs, check their status, and collect results. We will also get a sneak peek of the new Jobs functionality coming in Windows 8!

This is a live recording from European TEC 2011 PowerShell Deep Dive conference.Seemore PowerShell Deep Dive recordings here.

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