Tool - mRemoteNG 1.67 RC3

2011/05/31 | 1 minute read |

New version of one of my favorite Admin tool: mRemoteNG

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Changes from 1.67 RC2 to 1.67 RC3
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  • Fixed bug 42 - Maximized location not remembered with multiple monitors.
  • Improved loading and saving of window location.
  • Removed flickering on start up.
  • Fixed bug 43 - Creating a duplicate connection causes connection list to no longer be sorted ascending.
  • Improvements to German translation. Changes from 1.67 RC1 to 1.67 RC2
    • Added partial French translation to the application.
    • Addded Thai translation to the installer.
    • Updated graphics in the installer to mRemoteNG logo.
    • Added buttons for Add Connection, Add Folder, and Sort Ascending (A-Z) to the Connections panel toolbar.
    • Fixed rename edit control staying open when collapsing all folders.
    • Changed sorting to sort all subfolders below the selected folder.
    • Allow sorting of connections if a connection entry is selected.
    • Fixed adding a connection entry if nothing is selected in the tree.
    • Added 15-bit Color RDP setting.
    • Fixed loading of RDP Colors setting from SQL.
    • Added Font Smoothing and Desktop Composition RDP settings.
    • Improved error handling when loading XML connection files.
    • Added the mRemoteNG icon to the list of selectable icons for connection entries. Changes from 1.66 to 1.67 RC1
      • Fixed migration of external tools configuration and panel layout from Local to Roaming folder.
      • Disable ICA Hotkeys for Citrix connections. Fixes issue with international users.
      • Added a language selection option so users can override the language if they don't want it automatically detected.
      • Fixed RD Gateway default properties and RDP reconnection count setting not being saved.
      • Fixed bug 33 - IPv6 doesn't work in quick Connect box.
      • Moved the items under Tools in the Connections panel context menu up to the top level.
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